Always Something to Learn

When I told my mom that I wanted to study photography full-time for ten months, she commented in amazement, “I didn’t know there was that much to know about photography!”

The Camera Store’s e-newsletter arrived yesterday and I took a look this morning.  They regularly offer seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.  A couple of local photographers and workshop leaders really impressed me.

Here’s an example of why I cringe when people call me a professional photographer: Scott Diamond used software to determine the time of year and day the sunrise light would shine where he wanted it (a matter of a few days in October, the first three of which were cloudy and didn’t produce the light he wanted), and then he using 126 shots (April 2023:  sorry, due to website corruption and the simple passage of time in the digital age, I could not find the image again)!

And then I was delighted to discover black-and-white photographer Olivier du Tre who showed me like no other what this part of the world looks like without colour.  His images are either simple and elegant or chock full of detail that would reveal something new every time you looked at it.  Now I want to know how to make my muddy black-and-whites look as dramatic as his…

One of my photographic heroes is Chris Carter, who I believe was 72 years old when he taught me Black-and-White Darkroom and PhotoShop at North Island College in 2002-03.  Just about every week during the PhotoShop class, he would come in and, with great delight, show us something new he had learned that week.  By the end of the term, he had decided to shut down his traditional darkroom and go completely digital.

I still have lots to learn, and if I ever stop learning, please check my pulse!

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