Bet You Thought this Blog was Dead!

Sorry about disappearing for so long without notice.  Pursuit of an Environmental Science degree in which I completed years three and four in one intense year definitely put a damper on my photography.  However, a few days after finishing school, I visited the Butchart Gardens in Victoria and took over 500 pictures, compared to 200 or so on other visits including visits during prime spring and autumn beauty–I’d say my creativity was suppressed during that year! (so yes, it is likely you will see photos from Butchart Gardens on here in the near future).

Recently, I traveled from Calgary to Cold Lake and Lloydminster, Alberta (and back again).  I wasn’t feeling well when I departed and chose the quickest route, i.e. the four-lane highways, until I was east of Edmonton and forced onto secondary highways.  Well, what do you know, but even after the leaves have fallen, the aspen parkland country that makes up the heart of Alberta is rather pretty, and each little town north of Highway 16 seems to have its own domed Ukrainian church.  Needless to say, I decided I would take secondary highways on my trip back to Calgary.  I don’t recall noticing all the sloughs (ponds) in central Alberta, and most of them were so calm that their reflections seemed clearer than reality.  I’m not sure why I didn’t stop to take any photos of them, although sometimes such scenes charm me in passing because my mind is creating an image of perfection as I move past the scenery, but when I stop, I can’t find the magic.

I did stop at a few magical places, that is, if exploring such things as the patterns of paint wear and rust on abandoned cars is something you consider magical!  A field near Lloydminster had five cars dumped on its margin.  The mostly blue car (I think I deciphered the name badge to be Ranchero, but it wasn’t one with a truck-like open “trunk” and only two seats) was my favourite.  I noticed as I was post-processing the photos that most of my favourites included a juxtaposition with faded vegetation.


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