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Sweetest Place Ever to Get Married

In all of my previous visits to the Skagit Valley, I have never taken the time to stop at Christianson’s Nursery (it’s the donkeys to the west and the decrepit barn to the east, and […]

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“Fence-iful” Flowers

I had an interview in the Vancouver area towards the end of May and wasn’t going to go all that way for all work and no play, not with one of my favourite destinations less […]

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Night Sky Over Ranchero

One of the things I know about myself is that sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.  Remember how I thought the abandoned vehicle in my last blog post didn’t seem to be […]

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Bet You Thought this Blog was Dead!

Sorry about disappearing for so long without notice.  Pursuit of an Environmental Science degree in which I completed years three and four in one intense year definitely put a damper on my photography.  However, a […]

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The ‘Making’ of a Picture

It’s been almost a year since I took this picture (yes, “took”.  My aunt from Holland would say “make” and I think it’s a better term most of the time, but this isn’t much of […]

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