Dreaming of Colour

Ugh…it has been snowing lazily all day, the sky a murky mass weighing on my spirit, all colour blotted by its bland whiteness.  Worst of all, it’s been like this all week, defying the saying that if you don’t like the weather here, just wait five minutes.  A friend once described me as solar-powered, so I am definitely missing sunlight and the colour it brings,  if only blue sky at this time of year.

I was thinking on Friday that in less than three months, the wildflowers on the Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail on the border of Waterton Lakes National Park will be in full glory.  Three months till the prairie wildflowers grace us with their colour, gentleness and vitality.  I hope I can wait that long…

Here are some memories of last summer, with and without added textures.

Grace_Joy_Brouwer-1168.jpgIMG_1168 - 8x12a.jpgGrace_Joy_Brouwer-1179.jpgIMG_1179 - 8 x 12a.jpgGrace_Joy_Brouwer-1259.jpgIMG_1259 - 8x12a.jpg

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