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Yes, Tomball.  Tomball, Texas.

Doesn’t that sound like the name of a lottery?  I found the name so amusing on my first visit to Texas that my sister gave me a pink t-shirt with blingy rhinestone-like black letters (NOT my style!) spelling out ‘Tomball’.  I like to joke that I won the t-shirt in a Texas lottery!

The town is actually named after a man, Thomas Henry Ball, a railroad attorney and congressman who played a major role in the development of the Port of Houston.  It was originally called Peck. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomball,_Texas)

On one of my previous visits, my sister had pointed out “Old Town Tomball” as we took an alternate through the heart of town.  This year, one of her friends joined us for lunch at The Whistlestop, a popular “tea room” in Old Town Tomball, and an afternoon of photography.

Like most of my days in Texas, it was a bright sunny day with harsh shadows, not exactly conducive to pleasing photography.  As we were driving back home, I noticed a display in a store with three of my favourite things:  a bicycle (1) with turquoise (2) flowers (3) decorating the wheel hubs.  I wanted to go back!

My sister had an appointment nearby a few days later, and happily, the sky was overcast.  I wandered over to the next street and revelled in all the antique shops displaying their wares on the old-timey porches, even if the store wasn’t open.  One of the themes I’m collecting images of is benches and chairs.  Here are some from Old Town Tomball.


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