Here, Kitty Kitty!

In general, I prefer to photograph stationary subjects.  As my test results can attest, speed is not my forte, and you need speed to capture moving subjects like animals or kids!

My sister’s “barn” cat Zinfandel (Zinny) is a relatively slow-moving subject and allowed me to capture some appealing images of him.  He’s a rescue cat and seems to carry an on-going anxiety about his next meal and therefore partakes hungrily of the food made available to him (they call him “Tank” behind his back).  It’s amusing because his buddy Shiraz (Razzy) is about a year older and is petite and lithe (I called him “Tiny”).  When they tussle, it’s a contest between agility and mass!

Razzy was recovering from a bout of ringworm when I was there and was wary of any human:  we might inflict pain on him in our attempt to treat him.  My sister claims he’s a vain little guy, so I will refrain from posting the single image I managed to capture of him.

As for the indoor cats, for various reasons they only burned pixels on my smartphone camera.  Tango made me laugh a lot, and Tigger was very sick the first week but thanks to lots of TLC is back to full health.

Note:  I’ve added captions to the last two photos but can’t see them on my computer.  Just wondering if anyone else can, and if so, what browser you are using.  Photocrati is better than scratch, but has some annoying “undocumented features”.


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  1. Nicky April 22, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    Oh Zinny, you are so beautiful. I love how you always have to hang around near me, and made friends with Grace!

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