Iced Blossoms

It should come as no surprise that the biggest draw for me in the ice-crusted garden was the peach tree with its promising pink blossoms.  I’d admired them the day I arrived, but of all the blooms in the delayed garden, I had only pointed my camera at a single clematis the evening before the ice storm.

The first four images are the same shot with three different treatments (black-and-white, “bleach bypass” which fades the colours, the actual capture with minor tweaking, and “direct positive”, which enhances the colours.  The last three images are “au naturel”.

My sister was particularly proud of her very first (and only, so far) Magenta Magic blossom, known to the rest of the world as redbud.  Redbuds are one of the first blooms to appear in a Texas spring, on a small tree, and we’ve made a game of announcing and pointing out each splash of Magenta Magic we see while out-and-about.  The last image below is Magenta Magic on Ice.


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