In the Pink

Typical Grace…nothing for a month and then two posts in the same evening!  My computer died last month and it’s an onerous thing to rebuild a new computer with all your programs, files, preferences and presets.  I actually had these images ready a few days ago but had to hunt down my personalized export settings for Lightroom on my backup hard drive (you know, the file path that 20 folders deep).  I think the photo editing functions of my computer are back in one piece, as are my photos (well, except for the edits I lost from the When Life Gives You Lemons post).  Yay for progress!

I was really busy the week the fruit trees were blossoming, but managed to dash out one evening for some photography.  By the time my schedule freed up again, I figured the glory of that season had passed, but then I discovered a grouping of a dozen or so pink trees around a pavilion at Baker Park in northwest Calgary.  Yay for late bloomers!

I think it’s a tad unfortunate that we have colourful trees for only a week or so in the spring and another couple of weeks in the fall.  Green is (one of) my favourite colour(s), but I think having some white, pink, yellow and orange trees all summer long would be pleasant.  Yay for different!

My guess is that these are an ornamental apple tree–does anyone know for sure?



  1. Yvonne June 19, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

    Your comments and pictures demand that I get down there as soon as possible to see all this glory in person before it’s gone!!! Awesome!!!

  2. Debbi July 2, 2014 at 1:09 pm #

    BEAUTIFUL! I may have to talk to you about getting some prints soon.

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