The ‘Making’ of a Picture

It’s been almost a year since I took this picture (yes, “took”.  My aunt from Holland would say “make” and I think it’s a better term most of the time, but this isn’t much of a picture…) and I still remember finding the orangey-pink dresser with the matching cups on top on the porch of an antique shop in Old Town Tomball, Texas.  I looked at it again briefly today and thought, “I gotta try something with this.  This photo is crap, but I know there’s a picture here somewhere.’

So I went to work on it.  Straightened it.  Brightened it.  Cropped it.  Adjusted the colours.

Better, but it’s still not there…

‘Hey, what if I crop off the top row of mugs?’



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  1. Grace Brouwer April 3, 2014 at 9:11 pm #

    I just read an article at where the author, Olivier Duong, distinguishes between ‘taking’ and ‘making’ photographs this way:
    “Are you taking a picture? In other words, are you content replicating what’s in front of the lens?
    Or are you making a photograph? In other words using what’s in front of your lens as a starting point to communicate what’s inside you?”

    I’m not sure what’s inside me that I’m trying to communicate about a dresser, except possibly that beauty can be found in ordinary things!

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