Bet You Thought this Blog was Dead!

Sorry about disappearing for so long without notice.  Pursuit of an Environmental Science degree in which I completed years three and four in one intense year definitely put a damper on my photography.  However, a […]

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Rain on Fire

Since I knew I would be working till 10:15 pm on Summer Solstice, I decided to celebrate the longest day of the year a day early, which for me simply means being outdoors until dark, […]

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In the Pink

Typical Grace…nothing for a month and then two posts in the same evening!  My computer died last month and it’s an onerous thing to rebuild a new computer with all your programs, files, preferences and […]

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The Best Camera is the One You Have…

As I drove down the gravel hill towards Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park west of Calgary, a clump of yellow flowers caught my eye. ‘Were those lady’s slippers?!’ I asked myself incredulously. ‘No’, I dismissed my […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

…make lemonade.  Or photos, if the lemons take the form of snow in May. Hmmm…maybe it’s my fault we are still getting snow in May.  I didn’t take my DSLR out to capture the beauty […]

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Tiptoeing Through My Tulip Memories

During March and April when I’m too broke to travel, it often feels like torture that I once “liked” the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival page on Facebook, with all their reminders that more colourful places […]

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Dreaming of Colour

Ugh…it has been snowing lazily all day, the sky a murky mass weighing on my spirit, all colour blotted by its bland whiteness.  Worst of all, it’s been like this all week, defying the saying […]

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Iced Blossoms

It should come as no surprise that the biggest draw for me in the ice-crusted garden was the peach tree with its promising pink blossoms.  I’d admired them the day I arrived, but of all […]

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Icy Spring Morning

I went to visit my sister in Texas earlier this month, and on my third morning there, she woke me up without me asking her to.  An ice storm had blown through between the time […]

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The ‘Making’ of a Picture

It’s been almost a year since I took this picture (yes, “took”.  My aunt from Holland would say “make” and I think it’s a better term most of the time, but this isn’t much of […]

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